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Welcome to Rik’s Tavern!
It’s your first day on the job and you’re very excited to learn the ins and outs of bartending. You’ve tasted your fair share of spirits and bitters, and recently took a leap of faith to make your hobby into a career. You’ve gotten compliments on your mixing skills from your friends back home, but in this new town of Aldar, there are lots of new flavors to be discovered. Not to mention, lots of new people to meet as well! You’ve heard that this tavern is popular for its vast selection of ingredients and friendly staff, so you were overjoyed when you learned you got the job!

Tap, swipe, shake, and squeeze to combine unique flavors and create drinks that are out of this world! All the patrons come bearing the gift of good conversation and even some local gossip. You never know who will sit down for a drink! Work hard and mind your manners, too many mistakes will upset the patrons, and boss man Rik will have to step in to protect his bar’s reputation!

Controls & how to play

  • Swipe the bottom mat to swap out between different sets of ingredients. Tapping on bottles will position them above the shaker to pour, and tapping on them again will add them to the shaker.
  • Selecting the fruit and herbs will position them above the shaker. After positioning them, swipe them to cut them in half, then squeeze them to add their juice to the shaker. 
  • Tap on the ice well to add ice. If you get lost, tap on the cheat sheet; it is your first day after all. Once you are done adding ingredients, tap on the shaker to place a lid on it. Then, shake the shaker to mix the ingredients together. Tap on the correct glass to position it next to the shaker, and tap on it again to pour the drink. Lastly, drag the drink onto the correct patron to fulfill their request!
  • While you’re mixing, customers will continue to have conversations with you. Tapping the dialogue will progress the conversation. But be careful what you say, as your answers will affect the reputation of the bar.


Please follow Rik's instructions carefully. If you skip through his guidelines, you won't be able to play the game properly :')


Producer, 2D Artist: Yen Chi Nguyen


2D Artist: Amber 'Ambrowskii' Williams


Designer, Programmer: Sam Smyth


Designer, Programmer: Ricardo Aviles


Sound Producer: Felipe Ferreira


Updated 24 days ago
Published 28 days ago
Authorschi, Tartaruga Games, Ricardo Aviles, ambrowskii, Sam Smyth
Tags2D, android, Fantasy, First-Person, GameMaker


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